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About Us

About Us is run by volunteers.

We came up with the idea of making a new recycling website for New Jersey, that brings together the recycling schemes run by the towns, counties and businesses of New Jersey, so that residents of New Jersey will have one website providing recycling information for the state. We hope that by pulling this information together into a single website, we make it easier for NJ residents to reduce the amount of waste they discard in the general trash.

Individual counties and often individual towns, run their own recycling collections in New Jersey so the first places to look for recycling information are your local town and county recycling websites.

To compliment the recycling schemes run by your town or county, many local stores run collection schemes for specific recyclable materials. In addition, specialist businesses exist for the recycling of materials not commonly accepted in your curbside recycling box.

Please contact us if you have suggestions of your own for additions to this website, especially if you are aware of recycling opportunities that have not been mentioned.

This website provides links to many different businesses that offer recycling options for the people of New Jersey. These links are provided solely to make it easier for NJ residents to access additional recycling facilities, on top of their municipal and curbside facilities and we do not receive any money from those businesses or charities whose services we help promote. Where we mention particular products on the web site these products are listed as examples of items that may help you to reduce the amount of waste your household generates, by providing a reusable alternative to something disposable. The web site does not attempt to provide an exhaustive list of suppliers for these products, but merely to provide some suggestions of where these types of products can be found.

However, at the bottom of most pages on this website we have included a space for paid advertisement that is generated using google adsense. The content of these advertisements are controlled by google software (although we have tried to limit the adverts to relevant topic areas) and is present on the website to provide some income to offset the cost of maintaining the website. We endevour to keep all advertising to a minimum and have therefore restricted the ads to the bottom of the webpage in the hope that they will not detract from the website's purpose of trying to help people in New Jersey recycle more of their waste.

Thank-you for helping to do your bit to reduce the amount of waste generated in New Jersey and to create a better environment for us all.