Recycling NJ
What Can I Recycle?

You may find it surprising just how much waste can be recycled in New Jersey. If a type of waste item is not collected in your curbside recycling collection boxes it can often be taken to the local municipal recycling center and placed in one of their collection bins.

The private sector is also getting involved with both small and large retailers having recycling collection points in their stores. Additionally, many new businesses are being created by ingenious entrepreneurs that have found new ways to make use of the items that would otherwise be thrown away.

We have tried to collate together all of the various recycling schemes into one simple to use website. Simply click on the images below for information on how to reuse or recycle each type of waste.

Aluminum Wood
Cell Phone Electronics Printer Cartridges
AutoChemicals Batteries Car Battery House Chemicals
Light Bulbs Motor Oil Paint Car Tire
Bicycle Books Candy CD DVD
ChipBag Furniture Hotel Soap Makeup
Mattress Medical Toys Video
Water Filter
Food Scraps Garden Chemicals Garden Waste
Aluminum BeverageCan Cars Keys
ScrapMetal Tins White Goods
Food Cartons Cardboard Paper Paperboard
Paper Towels Tissues
BankCards BottleCaps Margarine Tubs Packing Peanuts
Plastic Plastic Bags Plastic Bottles Plastic Wraps
Polystyrene Block Yogurt Pots
Carpet Clothes Eye Glasses Shoes