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Book Recycling



Here are a few suggestions for how you can reuse the book instead of throwing it in the trash.

  • Donate your books to the local library.
  • Ask your local railway station staff if you can set up a book swapping box in the station. You can then leave your second hand books there for commuters to pick up and read.
  • Donate any children's books you no longer want to your local school. is a website that buys and sells textbooks and many other best selling books. They also accept many books for donation as well, with the proceeds from donated books going to various organizations that support global literacy.

The site is designed so that you can easily identify what books they are accepting for purchase and donation. Textbook Recycling pays for you to ship the books to them and issues payment to you by either check or PayPal.

To search for second hand textbooks you wish to buy, click here.

To sell your old textbooks simply complete the Sell Books form on the Textbook Recycling web site


Donate Books to Charity

Books Through Bars

Books can be donated to local prisons via the books through bars charity. They ask you to email them first with a list of the books so that they can ensure the books are suitable for their needs.

Goodwill Industries

Goodwill stores throughout New Jersey will accept books and a wide range of other small household items such as clothes, shoes, CDs, DVDs, jewelery, paintings... For a complete list of all the items they will accept go to the donating merchandise page of their website.

To find your nearest Goodwill drop off location click here.

Salvation Army

The salvation army thrift stores will accept donations of books and other household items for resale in their stores. For more details on the items they will accept and to find your nearest thrift store, see the Salvation Army Donate Goods web page.

Reach Out and Read

Reach out and Read is a non-profit organization that promotes literacy in children. Reach Out and Read collect gently used children's books at drop off locations throughout New Jersey. These books are then taken to pediatric exam rooms where Reach Out and Read advocate the importance of reading to a child at an early stage of their development. The books are donated to families within poor communties to help promote literacy within those families helpign the children to do better at school and achieve greater success in their future careers.

For more information see the Reach Out and Read website.

To find a children's book drop off location in your area see the "where are we" web page on the Reach out and Read website.


Businesses that Collect Second Hand Books

Best & Fastest Books

Best & Fastest Books will collect books from across the tri-state area which they then sell to other people via their amazon book store. To arrange collection of your unwanted books, call (201) 663-1751 or email:


Swap Books with Other People via the Internet


Bookmooch is a website dedicated to the reuse of books. The way Bookmooch works is that you advertize the books that you wish to give away, through the Bookmooch site; if another Bookmooch member is interested in the book, you arrange to ship the book to them and in exchange you receive Bookmooch points that you can use to obtain books that other bookmooch members are giving away. Effectively bookmooch allows you to swap books with other people throughout the US.


You can give books away to other members of your community through the freecycle website and alternately use the freecycle message board to obtain free secondhand books for yourself to read.

New Legacy Books

New Legacy Books is a business that manages book collection bins across New Jersey to redistribute books for reuse or recycling. They partner with charity groups and other community organizations, such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

You can find collection bin locations here.

For more infomration consult the New Legacy Book website.


Paper Back Swap is a website that facilitates the swapping of books with other people. The way it works is that you register and then you post a list of any books you would be willing to give away using the barcode information on the back of the book. If any other Paper Back Swap member requests one of your books you mail the book to them and in return you get credits allowing you to request any books you are interested in from any other Paper Back Swap member. The books are free. The postage is always paid by the sender in return for credits.

For more information on how the book swap works, click here.


Paper Recycling

If you have a mixed paper curbside recycling collection you can place unwanted books in the box for paper recycling. You should remove the cover from any hard back books before placing them in the recycling box. Book recycling is really a waste of a good book. It is much better to pass the book on to another person to enjoy.