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Building Materials

Building Materials

Donate Unwanted Building Materials to Charity

  • Habitat for Humanity accept a wide range of building materials (asphalt, ceiling tiles, ceramic tiles, concrete, gypsum drywall (plasterboard), linoleum, roofing materials, porcelain sinks and bath tubs, windows, wood, shingles and vinyl siding) for use in their local projects.
  • Contact your local Habitat for Humanity representative to determine if they would be interested in the materials you wish to dispose of. The materials they are looking for are dictated by the stage that their projects have reached at the time.
  • To find your local Habitat for Humanity representative click here.

You can also give away your unwanted building materials to other members of your local community using the freecycle website.

County Recycling Centers

  • Your local county may accept unwanted building materials for drop off at your nearest municipal recycling center. Check your local county recycling website for more details.

Vinyl Scrap Recycling

Vinyl scrap, including vinyl siding, windows, doors, fencing and decking can now be recycled in New Jersey.

The vinyl materials should be less than 4 feet long, cleaned and any metal nails, staples or screws should be removed. The vinyl scrap can then be taken to East Coast Recycling Associates Inc. where the material will be broken down into a fine powder that can be used to manufacture new vinyl products.

There is no charge for dropping off this material at East Coast Recycling Associates Inc.

East Coast Recycling Associates Inc.

  • 1801 Eden Rd, Millville, NJ, 08332
  • Tel: (856) 327 8888 or (856) 327 4444

Montecalvo Disposal Services

  • 75 Crows Mill Rd, Keasbey, NJ, 08832
  • Tel: (732) 738 6000
  • For a complete list of all the materials accepted by Montecalvo Disposal Services and other Bayshore Recycling companieis, click here.

Scrap Metal Recycling

There are a large number of scrap metal yards in New Jersey that can be easily found through the yellow pages. Many of these businesses are also listed on the Earth911 website where you can search for businesses that accept particular types of metal waste materials in your local area, from both commercial and residential customers. Many scrap metal yards will pay you for the metal that you drop off at their facility.


FREE metal TAKEFREE metal TAKE will collect scrap metal items and old household appliances from you and arrange for these items to be recycled at local recycling facilities. You can arrange for the metal items to be collected at a time and date convenient to you.

The items that are accepted, as well as those that will not be accepted, are described on the FREEmetalTAKE website.

FREE collection of metal items from outside your property is available except in the following circumstances.

  • A $20 freon removal fee may be applied for the removal of A/C units, refridgerators or freezers.
  • Small scrap metal pick-ups outside of a 20 mile radius of Piscataway may be charged a mileage fee.
  • A small fee will be applied if large items need to be removed from the building, instead of being placed outside, ready for collection.

Please refer to the terms and conditions outlined on the FREEmetalTAKE website for more information.


Commercial Building Material Recycling

A large number of private businesses, throughout New Jersey, will accept unwanted construction materials for reuse in their building projects. The business may even be willing to pay a small fee for some materials that have resale value.

The easiest way to locate a business near you, where you can drop off your unwanted items is to use the Earth911 zip code recycling locator. Click here to be taken to the Earth911 homepage.

Simply type "construction" in the Find recycling centers for box provided and then enter your zip code where indicated. The search will then provide you with a comprehensive list of recycling centers for a wide range of construction materials. Select the type of construction material you wish to recycle, to narrow the search down to a list of recycling centers for that specific type of material.