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Candy Wrapper Recycling

Candy Wrappers

Candy wrappers are very difficult to recycle but new recycled products are being made that make use of these waste materials.

Terracycle is a revolutionary recycling company that specializes in recycling the waste materials that other companies do not attempt to recycle. They buy candy wrappers collected by local groups and schools and then recycle them into designer bags and other exciting products.

Terracycle accept candy wrappers from Wrigley's, Mars and Cadbury's products.

For more details see the Terracycle website.

Start a Collection of your own

If there is no collection location near to where you live, why not contact Terracycle and set up your own collection with your friends and family, school, church, temple or other community group. Terracycle not only pays for the shipping of the candy wrappers up front, but they also donate money to your school or to a charity of your choice, for every candy wrapper that you send them.

To start a Terracycle collection brigade of your own, click here

Home Depot's Terracycle Collections

Recently Terracycle collections have started at select Home Depot stores. These recycling collections are not yet available in all Home Depot stores in New Jersey but the number of stores operating Terracycle collections is being expanded all the time. The collections will be located at the entrance to the store along with the orange CFL recycling box so look out for the collection boxes next time you are in Home Depot. There are also plans in the pipeline to start Terracycle collections at Walmart stores in the near future.