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Cell Phone Recycling

Before you sell or recycle your old cell phone you should take steps to delete all personal information from the phone. You can use the instructions listed on the recellular data eraser webpage to find out how to properly remove all of the personal information from your cell phone. Alternatively, take your cell phone to your local cell phone provider store and ask the staff there to permanently clear the phone memory for you.

Sell Your Old Cell Phone

SellCell is a price comparison website that compares the price paid by a large number of US based cell phone recycling businesses in order to get you the best price for your old cell phone.

You can also check individual cell phone recycling business websites to find out if you can sell your old cell phone.

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GreenBuyBackSell your cell phone or tablet to GreenBuyback. Don’t let your cell phone or tablet sit in a drawer at home. GreenBuyback is one of NJ’s top cell phone buyback companies specializing in purchasing used electronics nationwide. They have served thousands of customers and continually help keep electronics out of landfills by purchasing them from consumers and businesses.

They provide you with competitive pricing for your electronics, free UPS shipping labels, and payments are made the same day that they receive your item. Find out how much your items are worth today!

For more information, visit or call (347) 979-1945


TechPayout. Is your old cellphone sitting in a drawer? TechPayout pays cash for old & used cellphones, tablets, iPods, laptops, headphones and more. TechPayout strive to give new life to used/old technology by putting it back into the marketplace.

By searching their database of over 500 items, you can get an instant quote on your item.

Selling your item in 3 easy steps:

1) Get a quote
2) Ship your item with our FREE shipping label
3) Get paid via Paypal or Check

Worried about your personal information? TechPayout promise to reset every device back to factory settings to make sure your data is safe.

Visit for an instant quote today!

If you don't see your item in their database, simply ask them for a custom quote. They guarantee a response within 24 hours with a fair marketplace value.

Help keep New Jersey Green. Recycle your phone for cash today and keep it out of a landfill.

Alternatively, try selling your unwanted cell phone on ebay or craigslist.

Give Your Old Cell Phone to Charity

Donate your old cell phone to charity. Several charities have been set up that convert your old cell phone into an emergency phone for disadvantaged members of the community.

  • The wireless foundation will convert your cell into an emergency phone for victims of domestic violence.
  • cell phones for soldiers. They will donate your cell phone to soldiers to help them reintegrate into society after returning from war
  • phones4life will convert your old cell into an emergency only phone and distribute the phone to elderly people in the community. The elderly individual will then be able to carry the cell phone with them so they can dial 911 in the event of a fall, stroke or heart attack that would otherwise prevent them from getting to a phone.
  • 911cellphonebank will recycle old cell phones or convert them into emergency phones that they distribute to various victims support services.

Recycle Your Cell Phone

You can also drop off your old cell phone and charger at wireless telecom's stores who are teamed up with various charities and recycling groups. Click on the company name to view their recycling webpage.