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Grass Cycling

Grass Cycling

Many people believe that you must remove all of the grass clippings from the lawn after mowing but this is not the case. Grass clippings can be used to provide a good source of nutrients that will improve the quality of the lawn. Leaving clippings on the lawn also slows down water loss and reduces the need to use chemical fertilizer on the lawn.

Grass clippings decompose quickly with the clippings from an ordinary mower being small enough to decompose within a couple of weeks. You do not need a specialized mulching mower for grass cycling.

Just leave a light covering of grass clippings on the lawn and let nature do the rest.

Tips for grass cycling.

  • Mow the lawn when the grass is dry.
  • Set the mower height to about three inches above the ground so that you are only cutting off the top third of the grass. Continuous mowing at 2 inches or lower tends to weaken the turf and increase pest and other problems
  • Mow your lawn regularly so that the grass clippings are small and will decompose quickly. How often you need to cut the lawn will depend on the time of year and the weather. In the cool, rainy months of April, May and June the lawn will grow rapidly and you will need to cut the lawn on a weekly basis. In the hotter months of July and August the warm temperatures restrict growth of the grass so the lawn will only need to be mowed every 2-3 weeks. By mid-september and throughout the fall the grass will grow rapidly once more and you will find you need to cut the lawn more frequently again.