Recycling NJ
Glass Recycling


NJ law dictates that glass bottles and glass jars must be recycled by both households and businesses throughout the state.

Glass that is separated by color is almost always recycled into new glass bottles and jars. Mixed color glass is generally recycled into other glass products such as fibre glass insulation, aggregate substitutes, or used as an abrasive material (e.g. match tips).

Glass bottles and jars can be recycled by placing them in the curbside recycling box throughout the state of New Jersey. In most towns the glass does not need to be separated into the different glass colors (green, brown, clear or blue) but check the details on your local town recycling website.

Simply rinse the glass bottle or jar under the tap to remove any food waste and remember to remove the cork, bottle top or jar lid. Then the glass bottle or jar is ready for recycling.

Traditional wine bottle corks (not the plastic variety) can be composted with your food scraps and garden trimmings.

Other glass items such as light bulbs, mirrors or window panes cannot be recycled through your curbside recycling collection box. For more information on how to recycle compact fluorescent light bulbs click here.


Bars and Restaurants

Businesses that generate a lot of glass waste, such as bars and restaurants, may be able to reduce their waste haulage costs by using specialized glass collection systems.

Glass Cycle Systems Inc. has developed an under the bar glass collection system, that crushes the glass bottles on-site, allowing more glass waste to be collected together, before the container needs to be hauled away. They estimate that you can collect five times as much glass waste before you need to arrange for it to be hauled away.

More information is available on the Glass Cycle Systems Inc. website and through their partner glass recycling firm ABCA Recycling Inc.