Recycling NJ
Make-up Container Recycling


It is estimated that there are currently 1.3 trillion cosmetics containers in the US at any one point in time and that all adds up to a lot of plastic waste. So what can be done to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill. Thank-fully in New Jersey there is a solution.

Origins Cosmetics Container Recycling

  • Origins stores throughout New Jersey will accept any brand of cosmetics tubes, bottles or jars for recycling.
  • Only the primary packaging of the cosmetics product will be accepted in the Origins cosmetics recycling box. This means the container (bottle, compacts, lip-stick cases, jars, caps) that house the cosmetic product itself but not the box or packaging material that the container came in when purchased in the store.
  • Cosmetic applicators such as puffs, sponges, spatulas, swabs, tweezers or curlers will not be accepted for recycling.
  • The cosmetic container must be empty and clean before it will be accepted in this recycling scheme.
  • Simply use the store locator on the Origins website to find your nearest store and next time you are in the mall take along your empty cosmetics containers to be dropped off in the Origins recycling collection box.

M.A.C Cosmetics Container Mail Back Scheme

  • M.A.C. will take back any empty cosmetics containers that were purchased from them (no other brands are accepted) and arrange for the container to be recycled.
  • They accept only the primary packaging (the container that houses the cosmetic product) and not additional paperboard boxes or plastic wrap that the product was contained in when you purchased it from the store.
  • If you bring back six empty M.A.C. product containers they will give you a free lipstick of your choice.
  • You can arrange to mail the empty M.A.C. product containers to their recycling facility using the Giving Back page on the M.A.C. website.

Lip-Ink Cosmetics Container Mail Back Scheme

  • Lip-Ink offers a free Lip Ink liquid color product of your choice if you mail back four empty and clean Lip Ink brand cosmetics containers.
  • Simply download the recycle coupon from their website (click here) and mail your four Lip-Ink containers to their recycling facility along with the the completed coupon.
  • Although you have to pay for the shipping of the empty containers back to Lip-Ink they will send you the free lip stick of your choice without any charge for shipping or handling.