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Mattress Recycling


Donate a Mattress to Charity

Mattresses can be donate to charity for reuse if they are clean and free from any damage. Understandably, charities are quite restrictive regarding the condition of the mattresses they will accept.

The Salvation Army offers a free pick-up service for furniture donations and will accept double or single mattress donations. For more information check out the salvation army donation webpage or call 1-800-728 7825.


Mattress Recycling

CJP Group

Recycling an old mattress represents a significant challenge for the recycling industry.

CJP group are mattress recycling specialists based in Brick, New Jersey. They will completely deconstruct the mattress to separate out the component parts so that each can be properly recycled.

For individual households, they will haul away the mattress and recycle it for you. Call (732) 620 9787 to get a quote for this service.

For large volume generators of mattresses (municipal public works yards or bed retailers) a trailer can be located at your site to be collected by CJP Group once it has been filled.

For more information consult the CJP Group website or call (732) 620 9787