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Motor Oil

NEVER pour motor oil down the drain or onto land and do not discard your old oil filter in the trash.

Motor oil is toxic and improper disposal will lead to contamination of both the environment and the drinking water system in your area. Motor oil and used oil filters need to be disposed of in a safe manner.

Fortunately it is very easy to recycle used motor oil and oil filters in New Jersey as there are collection locations throughout the state.

If you run a car dealership or service center and are looking for businesses that will collect your used oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, oil filters etc, scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of businesses that you can contact for quotes for their collection services, so that you are complying with federal and New Jersey law for the safe disposal of these materials.


Buy Recycled Motor Oil

Motor oil does not get damaged when it is used to lubricate an engine. It simply gets dirty, but the oil itself is not chemically changed. By re-refining used motor oil, the oil can be separated from the contaminating dirt and restored to the same quality and condition of the original motor oil.

Recycled motor oil has to meet the same American Petroleum Institute standards as virgin motor oil but should not be used in vehicles that require synthetic motor oil.

All federal government vehicles used for both civilian and military operations have been required since 2000 to use recycled motor oil wherever possible.

The following companies manufacture recycled motor.

  • Eco Power
    • Eco Power can be used in all vehicles that use API SN motor oil but not in vehicles that require synthetic motor oil. Recycled motor oil is available for both gasoline and diesel powered engines.
    • For more information and to determine if Eco Power is suitable for use in your vehicle, consult the Eco Power website.
    • To find the nearest retailer that stocks Eco Power, use the store locator on their website.


Small Scale Used Motor Oil Collections (Do-It-Yourself Oil Changes)

Many people in New Jersey perform their own oil changes on their garden equipment and motor vehicles. The relatively small quantities of used motor oil generated by do-it-yourself oil changers must still be disposed of in a safe way.

You can take used motor oil and oil filters to a local automobile service station and ask them to add it to their motor oil recycling container. NJ State law dictates that all automobile service stations within the state must accept motor oil from Do-It-Yourself oil changers.

If you work for a business that collects used motor oil, you should be aware of the rules governing its collection and transport. For more details, click here.

The following companies will also accept motor oil and oil filters for recycling. You do not need to purchase anything in the store to use their recycling facilities. These businesses are happy to accept your old motor oil (and other hazardous automobile fluids) as part of their role in helping to reduce damage to the environment. They are all registered motor oil collection centers for the state of New Jersey.

  • Advance Auto Parts
    • Accept used motor oil, used oil filters, transmission fluid, hydraulic oil, gear oil, power steering fluid and old car batteries.
  • Autozone
    • Accept used motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic oil, gear oil, power steering fluid and old car batteries.
  • Jiffy lube
    • Accept used motor oil and used oil filters for recycling.
  • Pepboys
    • Accept used motor oil and car batteries for recycling.

You can also take your used motor oil, oil filters and other hazardous automobile fluids (antifreeze, brake fluid, hydraulic oil, gear oil, power steering fluid and transmission fluid) to your local municipal recycling center, on a hazardous waste collection day. For more information go to your county recycling website and look for the hazardous waste collection pages.


Information for Businesses that Generate Waste Oil and Automobile Chemicals

Businesses and other organizations that collect or generate waste oil should follow the NJ State EPA guidelines for the safe collection, storage, transport and disposal of the used oil.

All staff in your organization that are responsible for the collection, handling and disposal of oil should be familiar with these guidelines and the laws governing used oil disposal.

Used Oil/Automobile Chemical Recycling Businesses in New Jersey

There are a number of businesses in New Jersey that are authorized for the recycling of used oil and other chemicals (e.g. anti-freeze, oil contaminated water etc.). These businesses will collect your waste materials and re-refine them to make new products.

Click on the company name below to be taken to their website, for more information.