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Sneakers/Athletics Shoe Recycling

Nike Reuse-a-shoe recycling

Sneakers/athletics shoes (not cleats or spikes though) that are not suitable for donation to charity can be given to the Nike reuse-a-shoe program. The shoes do not need to have been made by Nike. Any brand of athletics shoe is accepted. Use the zip code search feature on the Reuse-a-shoe website to find the nearest drop off location to where you live.

You can also mail your old sneakers to

    Nike Grind Processing
    3552 Avenue of Commerce
    Memphis, TN 38125

The sneakers will then be separated into there different parts and broken down into small pieces of plastic or material that can then be used to make surfaces for athletics tracks, tennis courts and other sports facilities, throughout the US.

For more details see the reuse-a-shoe website

Perpetual Prosperity Pumps Foundation

Perpetual Prosperity Pumps Foundation

The Perpetual Prosperity Pumps Foundation collects athletic shoes that are in good condition, which they then send to locations in Ghana. The shoes are sold to vendors in the towns and cities of Ghana who to provide income and jobs for the local community. The money raised by Perpetual Prosperity Pumps Foundation, through the sale of the second hand shoes, is used to pay for training and tools for rural farmers to help them to boost food production from their land.

To find a sports shoe collection point near you, click here.