Recycling NJ
Metal Tins


Metal tins, sold as food containers for processed vegetables, meat and pet food, are extremely easy to recycle in New Jersey; they are universally collected throughout the state in the curbside recycling boxes.

Simply rinse the tin with water to remove any food or liquid waste and place the lid (the top that was removed with a can opener) inside the tin. Then place it in your curbside recycling box.

That's all there is to it!

You can also take metal tins to your local municipal recycling center and put them in the designated collection container. See your local county recycling website for more details.


Commercial businesses also exist that will collect unwanted metal items from your property. Often this service is FREE of charge.

FREE metal TAKEFREE metal TAKE will collect scrap metal items and old household appliances from you and arrange for these items to be recycled at local recycling facilities. You can arrange for the metal items to be collected at a time and date convenient to you.

The items that are accepted, as well as those that will not be accepted, are described on the FREEmetalTAKE website.

FREE collection of metal items from outside your property is available except in the following circumstances.

  • A $20 freon removal fee may be applied for the removal of A/C units, refridgerators or freezers.
  • Small scrap metal pick-ups outside of a 20 mile radius of Piscataway may be charged a mileage fee.
  • A small fee will be applied if large items need to be removed from the building, instead of being placed outside, ready for collection.

Please refer to the terms and conditions outlined on the FREEmetalTAKE website for more information.


Mr Scrap Recycling will collect unwanted metal items from households in Somerset, Middlesex and Hunterdon counties. They will collect items from ground level for FREE but there is a small fee for collections from other locations (basement, 2nd floor etc).

All metal items accepted. e.g. Appliances, electrical cables, pots and pans, metal fencing, childrens swings, bicycles, car batteries...

To arrange a collection contact Mr Scrap at (908) 616-0004.

More information can be found at the website and through the following pdf documents.