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Tire Recycling


Car and truck tires can be dropped off for recycling at a local municipal recycling center or a specialized tire recycling business.

If you are buying new tires for your vehicle at a tire service center ask if they will arrange for your old tires to be recycled for you.

However, if you do replace your car tires yourself, or the place where you purchased your tires does not accept the old ones for recycling you can also drop off your tires at a local municipal recycling center or at a specialized tire recycling business.

The easiest way to find the nearest drop off location to you is to use the earth911 website zip code search to find the nearest location to you for the recycling of used tires.

Residents can also find tire recycling information at their county recycling website although most New Jersey counties do not accept used tires from commercial sources.


Commercial Tire Recycling Services

Tire recycling businesses can reduce your disposal costs for used tires as they often charge significantly less for disposal than the charges applied for tire disposal at a landfill. The following businesses offer tire recycling services in New Jersey.

Full Circle Used Tire is a New Jersey business that specializes in tire recycling. Based at 36 Kentucky Ave, Paterson, NJ, 07503, Full Circle Used Tire collect used tires from businesses and members of the public.

To make arrangements to use their recycling service and for more information call Full Cicle Used Tire at (973) 278 6510


Tire Management LLC. has been recycling used car and truck tires into playground mulch, athletic turf and equestrian surfaces since 1999. For businesses in NJ, NY or east PA states, they offer regular scheduled pick-up services (weekly, bi-monthly or monthly), roll-off containers or trailer services for tire collection.

For further information call (800) 244-7704 or email

More information can be found on the Tire Management LLC website.