Recycling NJ
Paper Tissues


Tissues are made from paper but they are not accepted in mixed paper recycling streams because they could potentially spread disease to the staff at the recycling center or paper mill. We have come up with some alternative suggestions that you may wish to consider that will either reduce the number of tissues that your household uses or allow you to recycle them into something more useful. On this occasion we don't recommend reuse!


Switch to using cotton handkerchiefs instead of disposable tissues. They can be placed in the washing machine and washed over and over again.


Although disposable tissues cannot be added to recycling collection boxes, you can still make use of used tissues at home. Tissues can be added to your composter or wormery and used to make nutrient rich soil for your garden or houseplants. For further information on how to compost organic waste and guidelines for making your own wormery, refer to our organic waste webpage.

The paperboard tissue box can be recycled throughout NJ through either your curbside mixed paper or cardboard collection or by taking the boxes to your nearest municipal recycling center. Check your local town and county recycling website for more details.