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Toy Recycling


Most families purchase a large number of toys and games for their children. As children grow older their interests change and they out grow the toys they loved at a younger age. That leaves the problem of what to do with the toys when they are no longer wanted.

Toys that are in good condition can be sold on ebay, ebay classifieds, craigslist or by hosting a yard sale. You can also give away unwanted toys to people in your local community using the freecycle website.

Alternatively they can be donated to a local nursery school, play group, church or to young families within your community.

Charity organizations are also willing to accept donations of toys, either for resale in their stores or for redistribution to less fortunate families within the community.

Second Chance Toys

Second Chance Toys collects clean and working plastic toys during the holiday season or Earth Week and distributes the toys to local community organizations serving needy children. The toys help children to develop creativity skills and bring some happiness to their lives.

Only clean, gently used plastic toys with no small or missing parts will be accepted (e.g. Fisher Price and Little Tykes toys) and any battery operated toys need to be fully operational.

For more information go to the Second Chance Toys website. For their toy drop-off locations, click here or you can start a collection of your own in your community.