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Water filter cartridges

Water filtration cartridges remove impurities from the municipal tap water giving you pure water to drink without some of the mineral taste of tap water that is found in hard water areas. Using a water filter system instead of drinking bottled water can save you a considerable amount of money over the course of a year.


Although water filtration systems are good for the environment as they provide you with a source of pure water without the need to purchase bottled water, thus saving on the amount of plastic you throw away, there is still the problem of what to do with the water filtration cartridge once it is no longer working effectively.

Brita water filter cartridges

Brita pitcher water filter cartridges are recycled through the Preserve Gimmie5 recycling scheme that collects polypropylene (plastic #5) products for recycling. Brita faucet filters and refridgerator filters are not accepted in this recycling scheme because they are not made from polypropylene. Place your Brita water filter cartridges in the collection box located at the front of Whole Foods stores throughout New Jersey.

If the plastic is not stamped with a #5 plastic recycling symbol it is not accepted in the preserve recycling scheme.

If you do not live near to a Whole Foods store you can collect your used water filter cartridges in a box and once full mail the box directly to the preserve recycling center at

Preserve Gimme 5,

823 NYS Route 13,


NY 13045

Click here, to be taken to a list of participating New Jersey Whole Foods stores which currently have Preserve Gimme 5 collection boxes.

More information on Brita water filter recycling as well as discount coupons for Brita products can be found on the Brita website.

Water filter cartridges from other manufacturers will not be accepted by the Preserve Gimme 5 recycling scheme.

TerraFlo water filter cartridges

TerraFlo runs their own recycling scheme for the recycling of their own brand of water filter cartridges.

You can collect you used TerraFlo water filter cartridges together over a period of time and then mail the cartridges to the TerraFlo recycling center at

TerraFlo, 1003 S. 10th St, Allentown, PA 18103

Once TerraFlo receive the used cartridges they dismantle them into their carbon, rubber and plastic parts and each type of material is then passed on to specialist recycling companies to be recycled.

For more information on the TerraFlo recycling scheme go to the TerraFlo recycling section on the TerraFlo website.